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Dallas County Map Book:

Click on "Map Book 2010" link to the right. Select Open from the pop-up window.

This document requires Microsoft Excel to view.  






The link to Geographic Information System (GIS) pages include .zip files of the GIS data being used by Dallas County 9-1-1. A GIS reader program is needed to access the information and requires familiarity with the types of files and the software neccessary to access those files and information. Dallas County 9-1-1 does not provide any type of technical assistance or support for the GIS information provided. The GIS information is provided "As Is" and without guarantee of accuracy or suitability for use of any entity outside of Dallas County Government.






For an incident that involves anything other than a threat to Life or Property, call our 

Non-Emergency number 417-345-1999 and press "1".
Your call will be answered by a
telecommunicator as soon as possible.