Telecommunicator I


Being a 911 dispatcher requires special motivation and talent, yet it is highly rewarding in the end. Determination to succeed and the desire to help are good qualities to have as a person who might be interested in a career such as this.


As a dispatcher, you will be the “First, First Responder” on the scene of an emergency. You will be responsible for relaying important safety and medical information from the callers to the responding fire, medical, and law enforcement personnel. To be efficient and expeditious, dispatchers are required to follow department policies as well as national standards, and are expected to uphold these procedures during some of the most stressful times.


The rewards from the public may be seldom heard, but each reward is cherished by the dispatcher.



For an incident that involves anything other than a threat to Life or Property, call our 

Non-Emergency number 417-345-1999 and press "1".
Your call will be answered by a
telecommunicator as soon as possible.